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Fibre Channel Fabric:
Connects computers and storage through high-speed fibre optic cabling.

Mixed Storage Pool:
Add any type of storage you choose, including Apple’s Xserve RAID, JBOD, SSD RAID or other RAID to expand capacity on demand.

AVID editors:
Supports AVID software, something Apple’s Xsan can not do.

FCP editors:
Supports Apple’s editing tools.

Supports ProTools software, something Apple’s Xsan can not do.

FibreJet goes where others cannot. If your environment has AVID, Final Cut Pro or ProTools, FibreJet is here to support you. FibreJet supports all of Appleís editing tools and storage. The video workflows of ingest and capture, edit, and final output is what FibreJet is designed for. To enable you to be the most creative you can be while being your most productive. Only FibreJet has built in project management specifically designed for professionals working in video and film, whether editing audio, creating effects and motion graphics, or blending it all into the finished work.

Capture, Edit, Collaborate, Output without missing a beat. Capturing, playback and output require stringent real-time demands for high-bandwidth/low-latency access to the shared storage SAN, even while others are using it. Dropping a frame is absolutely unacceptable. This is why others cannot even play in the same environments that FibreJet operates flawlessly in; such as the tremendously demanding low-latency ProTools systems.

Work together, without losing your head. With FibreJet, multiple editors can share the same source material concurrently and at the same time, have the same projects open. With many others you will find yourself losing each otherís work if you try this one. Try having both editors open a Final Cut Pro project and start editing; whoever saves their file last will overwrite without any warning all the work the other editor has performed! This cannot happen with FibreJet, as it protects against this very case, while at the same time letting multiple editors safely use the same material concurrently. Other software solutions simply canít play here either. Whatís more, there is virtually no limit with FibreJet to the amount of storage you can add for projects or the number of workstations you can add to the SAN. Files never need to be transferred between machines, thus eliminating wasted storage. Want to reserve exclusive access to the bandwidth of a storage resource for a finishing workstation? No problem with FibreJet.

Use storage more efficiently with FibreJet. FibreJet makes it easier than any other solution to create different storage pools, such as fastest, or more protected to transparently direct editorsí use of storage automatically without any rules. Whatís more, because FibreJet is a true multiplatform solution that supports standard native Mac OS X and Windows file systems and storage utilities, there is nothing new for the administrator to learn either. Create storage pools of RAID-0 for highest speed access, and RAID-1 pools for finished work, while using RAID-5 or RAID-6 (a good balance between speed and protection) for everything else. In addition RAID 50 and RAID 60 storage pools perform with FibreJet.

Standard Bandwidth Numbers

When SAN designing for speed, keep these requirements in mind.

Less than 15 MBps for hundreds of tracks, dual-channel 44-192 KHz 24-bit audio. The requirement here is seek time and low-latency for small I/O, which is why 15,000 RPM FC drives are ideal. It is also why you can not use a Metadata controller based architecture like Apple’s Xsan for demanding environments like ProTools.

Standard Definition
Bandwidth per Stream (MBps)
Uncompressed 8-bit
Uncompressed 10-bit

Compressed High Definition
5.8 - 14

Uncompressed High Definition
720p 24 fps
720p 30 fps
720p 60 fps
1080 24p
1080i 8-bit
1080 24p 10-bit
1080i 10-bit
2k (1080)
1080i 10-bit RGB 4:4:4


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