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FibreJet ó 7 patents later, and more than a decade of SAN expertise come to bear to keep it elegantly simple and make things work together!

Disks are there right on the desktop.
With FibreJet your users wonít even know they are on a SAN, if you donít want them to know. Thatís because in its simplest form, computers just turn on and the storage they are supposed to have access to just gets mounted like a normal disk.

Project management - Going beyond simple disk access to make workflow truly efficient and productive. With over a decade of real world SAN experience and customer feedback, the CommandSoft people learned what works and what doesnít. For larger SANs, project management can be employed to gain a degree of control over larger amounts of storage, allowing the user the control to switch between projects and different sets of storage quickly and easily. Once setup, the user is in control, and doesnít need to consult with an administrator to switch between storage sets.
The freedom to collaborate is what FibreJet is all about.
For larger SANs, working with lots of storage and users becomes a breeze. You can easily see what other people are doing, making collaboration a joy. You can even communicate to the other users using FibreJet. Built-in project management is key.
Keep it simple and work together like never before.
For larger SANs, working with substantially massive amounts of storage in multiple volumes with hundreds of files and at times hundreds of users, being able to work together means having the ability to quickly change directions. FibreJet can be accessed through a GUI, but also through a command line interface, the Dock and via AppleScript so that you donít even need to leave the application you are working to switch to an entirely different set of storage or access multiple projects. Large or small, agility and flexibility can be the difference between profit and loss.


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