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Fibre Channel Fabric
Connects computers and storage through high-speed fibre optic cabling.

Mixed Storage Pool
Consolidate all storage resources in one place. Easier to manage, less unutilized storage, save time and money.

NAS heads, application servers, mail and web services etc… All accessing over high-speed Fibre Channel.

Connect the servers to the rest of the organization or world over traditional networking.

Heterogenous Users
File sharing, application, ftp, http, smtp etc…

FibreJet again delivers what others cannot. FibreJet enterprise SAN provides virtually unlimited scalability without degrading performance. The corporate data explosion continues, and the cost of storage compared to servers makes efficient use of storage assets a primary goal for IT professionals. CommandSoft’s FibreJet solution beats all others on cost, performance, and scalability.

Better pooling technology saves more time and means less money managing a larger amount of storage with truly simplified effort. This is precisely what FibreJet server and storage consolidation is all about. More than just pooling physical resources together, FibreJet centralizes data in one place for all to access making working together more efficient. CommandSoft’s FibreJet lets you continue to scale the SAN, in terms of storage capacity and servers, without loss of performance. Equally important, FibreJet lets you configure and reconfigure the storage on demand, without forever committing huge chunks wastefully to a static configuration as happens with less hospitable solutions. With an SMB sharing solution, serve content to Windows, Linux and other UNIX platforms from the FibreJet SAN. FibreJet delivers on helping keep the IT budget under control.

When FibreJet is deployed you centrally control how storage resources are deployed. IT administrators finally have the freedom to pool storage and server resources together. Consolidation and central control of allocation facilitates makes configuring and reconfiguring applications and servers quick and easy, like never before. Now your IT staff will get additional time to focus on the bigger issues of your organization. Use the FibreJet SAN for distributed NAS heads to provide scalable, high-performance file sharing with heterogeneous clients. Use FibreJet for distributed web serving, where many servers are simultaneously sharing out the same web pages from the same storage.

FibreJet means always on expansion. FibreJet is pure Fibre Channel architecture and works equally well with iSCSI or Fibre Channel, and FibreJet is based on standard native Mac OS X HFS and HFS+ and Windows FAT 32 and NTFS file systems. FibreJet uses standard disk utilities. You can add capacity and computing power to your SAN without interrupting other users. You have the ability to expand an existing file system for increased needs. FibreJet does not decrease in performance as the SAN grows, unlike other SAN management applications using proprietary file systems. FibreJet SANs have true multi-platform scalability and reliability.

Data Lifecycle Management whether using your favorite third-party storage management solution, or using CommandSoft’s StorDirector, FibreJet® makes it easy to integrate tape libraries, backup policies, service levels and automated data placement and protection policies. Many of StorDirector’s special utility features are integrated right into FibreJet as a part of CommandSoft’s ongoing product development.

More flexible volume management lets you keep it simple as you work together. FibreJet uses standard disk utilities to control volume management. This allows multiple storage pools with different characteristics to be constructed on portions of the same storage LUNs at the same time, and reconfigured later without affecting other data on the LUNs. In contrast, with many other products you can only use entire whole LUNs at a time to create storage pools. In such applications, once a LUN is committed for a purpose, it must forevermore be used for that single purpose unless you destroy all the data on the entire volume of which the storage pool is a member. In such cases you can actually only add capacity to a volume in terms of another storage pool, which must be constructed again from entire whole LUNs. This means the expanded volume doesn’t benefit for example from more LUNs working together for a stripe set, but only that additional storage pool which is isolated — it does nothing for the rest of the volume! FibreJet’s ‘elastic storage’ and volume management features mean you can effectively resize and reconfigure storage to suit your workflow needs and still preserve your data. FibreJet keeps your environment simple and efficient.

FibreJet in the Data Center
here is why the FibreJet managed SAN is the right addition to your data infrastructure:

  • Server and Storage consolidation.
    Aggregate storage pools, without committing forever what and how they are used. Reduce unutilized storage. Redeploy storage assets with a click.

  • Volume-level locking.
    FibreJet allows multiple servers to safely connect to a shared volume with read access, while enforcing a single writer at a time. This avoids issues where multiple people will overwrite each others work without warning, such as happens with Final Cut Pro as is known to happen in file level locking solutions.

  • No Metadata Controller.
    FibreJet has no metadata controller; it can scale in performance and capacity without limit. In contrast, with solutions that require a metadata controller, the metadata controller is the traffic-cop in such solutions and is the single most significant bottleneck to every I/O in the SAN. Metadata solutions have similar limitations of scalability and reliability to NAS.* Perhaps the single best feature of the FibreJet SAN is the elimination of the need for a metadata controller.

  • You Control User Quotas and Authentication.
    With FibreJet you can choose to restrict access to storage to particular users, or grant access only with a password. Additionally what you grant is controlled by how much you grant to that user/password so that someone has a hard quota on how much data they can store. You can create Users and Projects that are visible only to the assigned User, and you can create multiple Profiles that can be accessed by the User at any workstation on the SAN. You get real workflow management built right into your SAN through your FibreJet software.

  • FibreJet in the Classroom.
    FibreJet has been used for years in classroom setting. It is incomparable for pooling students’ individual projects. Each can have their own protected area for their work, while at the same time safely accessing common material for the group.


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