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Santa Barbara, California ­Tuesday, October 13, 2016: CommandSoft, Inc., the makers of FibreJet, ingenuity that just plain works. Here at CommandSoft we have always been innovators with unmatched industry experience, expertise and passion. At CommandSoft we continue to be committed to pushing boundaries so your work knows no limits. Our goal is to create unique products that extend beyond a single function and enhance every aspect of your entire workflow process. To create products that represent the BEST in storage management software; industry standard open architecture workflow solutions design and implementation that gives you the ability to work together.

To do this CommandSoft has always recognized the need to be hardware agnostic recognizing that one size does not fit all. With this customer friendly view to providing storage management software we have certified a broad range of storage over the past decade. This opens opportunity for our clients to use the hardware that provides cutting edge technology and true competitive marketplace cost advantage in meeting real world work environment goals that stay within budget.

In October 2016 we are making availalbe for the first time a paid optional feature enabling a FibreJet SAN to have multiple-writer volumes with a MetaData controller and GUI control right inside the FibreJet application, initially targeted at Mac OS.

Key Features of the FibreJet 5.1 paid Multi-Writer metadata GUI option:

  • For the first time have volumes that allow multiple-writers controlled in the GUI
  • Requires a MetaData controller (Mac OS Server).
  • Still compatible with and support tradtional FibreJet volumes single-writer / multiple-reader.
  • Multi-writer volumes can also be mounted read-only as an option if desired.
  • Multi-writer volumes features same project and user usage as other volumes.

About CommandSoft -

CommandSoft, Inc. is the developer of FibreJet, a next-generation, shared-storage solution for Storage Area Networks (SANs). FibreJet enables file systems to be dynamically shared in a multiple-reader / single-writer environment. CommandSoft was founded by the original developers of FibreNet™, StudioBOSS™, FC Net Director RAID™, SAN Manager™ and other storage software systems. They were among the first Fibre Channel innovators through their development of HBA drivers for Windows™, Solaris™, Macintosh™ OS and IRIX Fibre Channel chip sets from QLogic™, Emulex™, and Agilent™. For more information on the company, its products and its mission, visit the CommandSoft website at: or call 805-730-7772.

*Support for expansion of file systems requires certain criteria to be met in relation to the configuration of partitions on the storage.

**Some new FibreJet 5.x SAN Management features are currently available only in Mac OS X environments.

FibreJet® is a trademark of CommandSoft, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Transoft, FibreNet, StudioBOSS, FC Net Director, SCSI Director and SAN Manager are registered trademarks of Transoft Networks, a Hewlett Packard Company. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies.

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