MAC OS X 10.12 Sierra SUPPORT STATEMENT: FibreJet 5.0.6 and later is Sierra compatible.

FibreJet 5. The Fifth generation FibreJet SAN Management Software replaced all shipping versions of the CommandSoft flagship product on December 10th and a new product life cycle began. 64-bit compatible cross-platform, shared code-base supporting the latest OS offerings OS X 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10.

This next generation includes advanced Meta-data management with built in file system repair, powerful data migration, and a totally new command line interface allowing automation of important maintenance and operation functions to free up administrators and editors for more productive use of their time.

Learn more about what we do. Besides our FibreJet SAN Management Software, we also offer support, training, and design services as well as integrated hardware including storage, switches, HBAs and cable products to support your workflow.

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